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Modification Options
Ecommerce Articles:
Tips on optmizing your shopping cart.
Receiving payments
What is a payment gateway?
Selecting a payment gateway.

Each template can be modified as follows:

(1) We will upload your company logo

(2) We will change all template colours to match your specifications. All templates are available in the following colours:

(3) We will upload your custom banners

(4) You can select a one, two or three column layout

1 Column [enlarge]

2 Column [enlarge]

3 Column [enlarge]

(5) You can select your home page elements and the order in which to display them:

- banners
- welcome text
- category images
- featured items
- sale items

>> Here is a sample home page showing all five options.

Home Page Options [enlarge]

(6) Select from various layouts for the following home page elements:

- (a) Featured and Sale Items:

Featured / Sales 1[enlarge]

Featured / Sales 2 [enlarge]

Featured / Sales 3 [enlarge]

Featured / Sales 4 [enlarge]

Featured / Sales 5 [enlarge]

Featured / Sales 6 [enlarge]

Featured / Sales 7 [enlarge]

Featured / Sales 8 [enlarge]

Featured / Sales 9 [enlarge]

Featured / Sales 10 [enlarge]

Featured / Sales 11 [enlarge]

- (b) Category Images:

Categories 1 [enlarge]

Categories 2 [enlarge]

Categories 3 [enlarge]

Categories 4 [enlarge]

Categories 5 [enlarge]

(7) Select the menu navigation style for your product categories:

- Horizonal menu with drop down [click for sample]
- Verticle plain menu [click for sample]
- Verticle fly-out menu [click for sample]
- Verticle menu displaying top categories only [click for sample]

(8) Select the side boxes you wish to display in the right and/or left columns of your store.

Search box [?]

Shop by price [?]

Search by Manufacturers box [?]

Whats new box [?]

Specials box [?]

Information pages box [?]

What's in my cart box [?]

Best seller's box [?]

Reviews box [?]

Currencies box [?]

Accepted payment methods box [?]

Tell a friend box [?]

(9) You may select a box style from our library of over 20 unique box styles.

(10) You may may also select custom buttons from our library of various button styles.

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