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Ecommerce - Receiving Payments:

You can accept both offline and online payments:

Upon checkout, the client is presented with a number of payment options. You can choose which payment options to accept and display. These payment options are broken down into two categories: online payments and offline payments.

Offline payments allow the customer to place an order on the site and then pay using an offline payment method such as bank transfer and cheque payments.

The procedure for offline payments is as follows:

The customer places their products in the shopping cart and proceeds to checkout. Upon checkout they then select cheque or bank transfer payment method. The order is then captured with a status of "payment pending" with a description of the payment method chosen i.e cheque of bank transfer. Once you have received the cheque or confirmed the bank transfer by checking your bank account, you will then update the order as paid and ship the goods. Note that it is best to wait for cheques to clear your back account prior to shipping goods.

Online payments take the form of credit cards. A client places their items in the shopping cart, they then enter their shipping information and proceed to the payment/checkout page. At this point, the order is captured with a staus of "unpaid". Upon selecting credit card as the payment method, the client is then automatically directed to the payment gateway where they enter their credit card details and submit the transaction for processing. If the transaction is successful, the client is then sent back to your site and shown a success message. At this point the order status is automatically updated to "paid" and the credit card reference number is added to the transaction allowing you to track and reconcile transactions between your shopping cart administration and the payment gateway. Once you have verified the transaction with your payment gateway it is time to ship the goods.

Click here to read more about credit card payment gateways.

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