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Tips on optmizing your shopping cart.

A slightly different approach must be used when opimizing a shopping cart as opposed to a basic website. search engines love text. Now look at your product listing page or home page and you will probably see that within the entire page layout there are actually very few words for the search engine to read.

To increase your chances of success, you must add more relevant text to your site. The best way to acheive this is as follows:

1) You can add additional information pages to your site that discuss topics related to your products - e.g. the benefits of a product, product comparisons etc...

2) Increse the amount of text in your product descriptions. It is best to make all your product descriptions at least 300 words. Most of your customers will not want to read an esssay about a particular product, but the search engines will place great value on this.

Do Not copy from other sites:
The temptation might be to go out there and just copy the description of a particular product from either a supplier or competitors site. This technique will not get you any good search results as the search engines are looking for unique content. SE's compare sites in their index to determine which pages are duplicated on other sites.

Product Names and Model numbers:

This is an area you can really score in terms of niche keywords. Many a succesful website will not rank very high for any of its major keywords, instead their success is attributed to high ranking minor or nieche keywords.

People search by phrase and keyword. Thus a person looking for a printer will start out by researching the keyword "printers". They do this at the beginning of their search as they do not yet know what brand or type of printer will suite their needs. As they start to resaerch more and more, they begin to narrow down which type of printer best suits their needs and which brand they want. So their initial search on the term "printer" now starts to become more specific to a brand and or type. Thus they start to search on "laser printers". Now we need to ask ourselves if either of these terms, namely "printers" or "laser printers", are the "money" terms (money term is the search term that converts into a sale.). The answer to this is probably no. The rseaon for this is that theses terms are still too broad for a person that is looking to purchase a printer.

Now as they research more, they will eventually decide on a brand and then a model. Once they have decided on exactly which printer to purchase, they then start to compare prices on various sites for this printer. Now they search on the exact printer they are looking to purchase - "Epson Laser Printer X2637TR" or any variation of this such as "Prices for Epson Laser Printer X2637TR" etc... This is your money keyword. Not only is it the money keyword, but chances are it is less competative than the high scoring keyword such as "printer".

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