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Select from over 20 generic store designs and we will customize it to meet your reqirements. Templates can be used to sell any kind of product. There are many configuration options included in the setup fee of R699.00. Click here to read about the many customization options available.

This is a fully hosted solution. We handle all technical aspects for you so you can concentrate on selling your products!


- Complete online shop including all features and an administration backend.
- Hosting.
- 20 Email accounts.
- Unlimited phone and email support.


- Out of the box solution, click and go.
- Your company look and feel.
- Fully hosted solution on the domain name of your choice.
- Full management interface for easy administration.
- Upload your products, product images and set descriptions and prices.
- Month to month, no contracts to sign.

Each template can be modified as follows:

(1) Upload your company logo.
(2) Change all template colours to match your specifications.
(3) Upload your custom banners.
(4) All templates available in a one, two or three column layout.
(5) You can select your home page elements and the order in which to display them:

- banners
- welcome text
- category images
- featured items
- sale items

>> Sample home page showing all five options.

Home Page Options [enlarge]

(6) Select from various layouts for the following home page elements:
- (a) Featured and Sale Items:
- (b) Category Images:

(7) Select the menu navigation style for your product categories:

(8) Select the side boxes you wish to display in the right and/or left columns of your store.

You have the choice of which side-boxes to display on your site. The following are the options:

(a) Search box - Gives your customer the ability to search the entire product range by name or SKU.
(b) Shop by price box - Allows your customer to search all products within a given price range.
(c) Manufacturers box - Customers can search by manufacturer.
(d) What's new box - A random display of a single product.
(e) Specials box - A random display of a single product on sale.
(f) Information pages box - Links to information pages that you have generated through the admin panel.
(g) What's in my cart box - Gives the customer a total of all products currently in their shopping cart.
(h) Best seller's box - A list of the top selling items.
(i) Reviews box - Reviews of a specific product which is displayed on the products detail page.
(j) Languages box - This box is displayed if you choose multiple languages for your store. The customer can then select in which language they wish to view the site. Note: the default language is english and it is your responsibility to translate to other languages.
(k) Currencies box - This box is displayed if you select to sell your products in multiple currencies. The customer can then select a currency and all displayed prices will be converted to that currency. You must update the currency exchange rate through the admin panel of your store. By pressing the update currency button in the admin panel, all currencies will be automatically updated to the prevailing exchange rate at that point in time. This is done by automatically connecting to the currency update server which is updated daily with the prevailing exchange rates.
(l) Accepted payment methods box - Displays the methods of payment you accept, e.g: cc, bank transfer etc..
(m) Notifications box - Allows a customer to sign up for a notification on a specific product.
(n) Tell a friend box - Allows a customer to enter the email adress of a friend. A link to the product is then sent to the firends email adress.

(9) Select a box style from a library of over 20 unique box styles.

(10) Select custom buttons from a library of various button styles.

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