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Linux web hosting on cisco routers with PHP

Hosting F.A.Q

How do I move my site from my old host to your servers?
Transferring your account to us can be an easy process with zero downtime if done properly. To do so you only need a little preparation and allow for about 3-4 days overlap between the two hosts. Your primary concern is having control of your domain names. This is paramount as you will need to be able to change the nameservers for the domain name.

1. Purchase a hosting package with us.
2. Change the DNS information of your domain name. This is done by contacting the registrar of your domain and requesting a DNS update to the following:
Primary: ns.prstach.org
Secondary: ns2.prstach.org
3. Upload your site to the new server account on our host.

It will take 24 to 48 hours for the domain name to proporgate (transfer) to the new server. By this time, your hosting account will already be active and you would have already uploaded your website.

How long after I sign up can I start building my site?
Typically, hosting accounts are setup within 24 hours from the time payment is received and verified. Accounts that are paid for via bank transfer will only be setup once the funds are received into our account. Domain names typically take 24 to 48 hours to become active with the registry. During this time, you can still upload files to your server, however the site will not be visible to the public until the domain is active.

What kind of network connections do you have?
We are currently connected to the Internet via multiple gig-E and ds-3 connections to different carriers to ensure continued network connectivity in case any one (or more) carrier(s) goes down. Each connection is carried across a diversified fiber network and connects to different backbone providers.

We also keep our bandwidth unsaturated. We have plenty of extra capacity, with the option to quickly add more bandwidth or additional carriers. We use Cisco routers, and keep spare hardware on hand in the event of hardware failure.

Microsoft Front Page:

What is the scope of technical support for FrontPage?
We are not able to provide extensive support related to the use of your FrontPage® software.

What are FrontPage® server extensions?
FrontPage server extensions are CGI programs which provide the server side implementation of FrontPage. FrontPage communicates with the extensions via Hyper Text Transmission Protocol (HTTP) using a Remote Procedure Call (RPC).

When the server sees the "POST" request addressed to the FrontPage server extensions it simply directs the request to the appropriate CGI program. The extensions implement authoring (uploading/downloading documents, To Do Lists), administration (setting end-user, author, and administrator privileges), and dynamic content (browse-time WebBot components).

Without the FrontPage Server Extensions you will not be able to take advantage of the WebBots that are available through FrontPage. Also, without the extensions you cannot author and administer your web using the tools provided as part of the FrontPage Editor/Explorer package.

Are there any precautions that I need to be aware before I begin using FrontPage® to publish my site?
In order to protect the FrontPage extensions on your Unix account, please take into consideration the following precautions:

FrontPage uses the same .htaccess file as the Protect Directories utility in your Control Panel, which could cause problems. Once you have installed FrontPage extensions, use the directory protection that comes with the software

Do not use features found in your Control Panel to set passwords, limit access, set file permissions or delete directories or files in a FrontPage web. This should only be done through the options in FrontPage Explorer.

Do NOT use regular FTP (such as WS_FTP) to upload files to the server when FrontPage extensions are installed. This may corrupt the extensions, disabling the interactive features available with FrontPage.

NOTE: The exception to this is when loading custom scripts to the cgi-local directory on your site.

Are all of the features available in FrontPage® supported on my site?
FrontPage was created for developing websites in the Windows environment, so the following features are not available on our LINUX/UNIX servers:

ODBC and MS SQL Database connections (Access, FoxPro)

How do I install FrontPage extensions on my website?
You can install FrontPage extensions from your control panel.


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