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Whether the purpose of your web site is to offer information about your company or sell goods and services, it is important that your content is both pertinent and well structured in terms of navigation. Our web designers will take care of the structuring and navigation leaving you the time to compile the information that will be loaded onto your pages.

In order to design a website, you must first decide what you will be focusing on and then divide your information/products into categories, where each category will be a page on your website. Once you have decided on your categories, you can then build subcategories for each main category. This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at how many web designers overlook this process and the main focus of the website is jumbled and distorted. Below is list of the most commonly used pages.

Home Page- This page is used to introduce your company to potential customers by explaining what you do and is the most important page in your web site design as it is usually the entry page. You must capture the viewers attention immediately by making a good first impression. Make your clients aware of what products and services you offer through a brief outline of between 200 - 400 words. It is always a good idea to divide your product and or services into subheadings and give a brief description of each.

Products page - Place images and descriptions of your products on this page. If you have many products and wish to place them online, we suggest using our product catalog module. For a small monthly fee, you can upload up to 200 products onto your website, sought them into categories, add images and update or delete from any computer by accesing your catalog administration panel.

Contact Us page - A website must have a contact us page. On this page you can display your address, telephone number, email address etc.. You can also place a "contact us" form that will enable your clients to send you sales and support requests directly via email.

About Us page- On this page you will describe the history of your company and details of the owners etc..

Services page - On this page you will describe all the services your company offers. Use subheadings for each service. You may also choose to place each service or service type on an individual page.

News - It is always a good idea to place a news section somewhere on your site. This can be news about the company or about an upcoming industry event .

FAQ - (frequently asked questions) Place customers most frequently asked questions, with the answers, on this page. This will answer many of your clients questions directly from the website without your time input. Great tool!

Pricing page - If your company is service orientated, you might want to have a page detailing either your pricing for different services or details regarding your billing structure.

Endorsements page - Do you have any endoresements from your clients? If so it is a great idea to place them on your website. Endorsements are the best means to promote your business.

Locations - If your business operates out of many locations or your product or service is available through other companies, you can list the location, contact and company details here.

Gallery - On this page you can display photographs with captions detailing the photo. If you have many images, we suggest you add a photo gallery module to your website.

Innovation - If your product is new and innovative, you should devote an entire page to describing the innovative qualities, and how these qualities make your product better than your competitors.

Profiles - Profile your directors and employees; stating their qualifications etc...

Qualifications - List of qualifications.


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