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Most people who launch an online business have the attitude that "Build it and they will come!" Unfortunately this dictum does not apply to the internet and is the reason why so many online businesses fail. The good news is that if you are prepared to put in the effort, an internet business can be far more lucrative than any traditional brick and mortar business. The internet offers a much larger market for your goods and services as opposed to the traditional brick and mortar location. Add to this the fact that the operating costs of an internet business are far lower than that of a traditional business. In fact a web based business can be run from a small office or even your home with far fewer employees than it takes to run a traditional enterprise.

So then, in light of the fact that so many internet businesses fail, is it actually worth your while to even attempt to break into the internet market. The answer to this is a resounding "Yes!" The internet is here to stay and is growing in leaps and bounds every year. The internet is fast becoming the preferred medium to do business around the world. Whether you are selling a good or service, a large portion of your competition, if not already, then in the near future will come from online service providers and retailers. The huge success attained by many large online retailers in capturing a large percentage of their respective markets is quite evident.

So what then is the recipe for success? For any internet business to succeed, you have to start out by defining the purpose of your website and target market. From there, it is then a matter of marketing.

Unlike traditional business, the internet changes at a rapid pace and the rules for running a successful online campaign along with it. People are constantly developing new methods for marketing their websites and it is important to stay ahead of the game by constantly researching the best and latest methods for marketing your internet business.

The ultimate goal of all your marketing efforts is to drive traffic to your website, for without traffic you cannot succeed. Remember that the goal of advertising is to bring customers to your door; it is then up to your sales technique to close the sale. Thus we can see that a successful online business comprises two aspects, namely: effective marketing and a website that is professionally designed, easy to navigate and consumer friendly. Click here to read a beginners guide on how to create a web page.

"The spider looks for a merchant who doesn't advertise so he can spin a web across his door and lead a life of undisturbed peace!"
Mark Twain

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